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What to Consider When Starting Your Business

Posted on December 17th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2013, Blog. No Comments

Starting a business affects more than you, the people you hire or the customers you plan to serve. Owning your own business has the greatest impact on your family. According to the book “Honey, I want to Start My Own Business” by Azriela Jaffe, the first step is to make a family plan. Whether you are single or married, with children or without, this book makes sense. Consider these suggested questions from Ms. Jaffe:

Financial & Time Considerations

How much cash is required to support the business and your family?
How will insurance needs for your family be met?
How much time daily/weekly is required to operate the business? 

Perceived Emotional Stress

Are there aspects of the business you expect to find difficult?
Will you have to sacrifice anything important to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health in order to succeed in this business? 

Relationship Maintenance

How much intimate … Read More »

Saying Goodbye

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As I read this beautiful, down to earth account of Laurie Anderson’s “Farewell to Lou Reed”, I could not help but become emotional thinking about my own committed partnership, which in so many ways, resembles the story she tells about their relationship. It moved both of us to talk and write about what we will say about our relationship to those who care to listen when, inevitably one will remain behind.

And as I am busy with that, I am struck by how much that is positive and remarkable goes unsaid about our partners, friends, colleagues and teammates. In the oh-so-busy, fast-paced lane we all move in, relationships so frequently become transactional; the direct feedback mostly about how something needs to be done differently or better.

In current literature and in our coaching approach and practice here at CRR Global, we value … Read More »

Opportunity Missed – Why I Don’t Love My Plumber

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*** Author’s Note:  No cats were harmed in the writing of this article.

It was a cool winter’s morning, and we had locked our two cats (Max and Josie) in the bathroom overnight with food, water, and a litter box.  They needed to go to the vet for a checkup the next morning, and this was the best place to put them to make sure we could catch them in time to make our appointment.

All dressed up and ready to go, we opened the door to the bathroom expecting to see the Max and Josie sleeping on the floor or eating some breakfast.  We looked in, and they were standing on the counter next to the sink.  With horror in their eyes, they jumped over us and went flying into the hallway…literally!

What in the world was wrong with the cats!  And … Read More »

Using Parallel Process for a Successful Transformation

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Wikipedia states the following: “Parallel processing is the ability to carry out multiple operations or tasks simultaneously. The term is used in the contexts of both human cognition, particularly in the ability of the brain to simultaneously process incoming stimuli, and in parallel computing by machines.” In my mind, this is not to be confused with mere multi-tasking. While we indeed leverage parallel processing in best practices for task forces and other team efforts, there is another, messier way in which it shows up in human relationships that I believe to be a good mine for systemic transformation. It happens when we are in a parallel process without realizing it!

You must have had the experience in client work or in your life, where you worked with or in a company and the very problem they were addressing for their customers, … Read More »

Don’t Forget About the Forest

Posted on October 21st, by Edward Gagnon in 2013, Blog. 2 comments

People learn what they’re made of when they are presented with adversity. Difficult situations expose all the warts. In a business, adversity magnifies where internal communication breakdowns exist. Where poor relationships exist. Where production quality issues occur. Where overpromising to get the sale is rampant. Where systems aren’t integrated. Where leadership is poor.

With adversity comes opportunity as well. It’s the opportunity to get the organization to rally around some reason to change. It’s the opportunity to transition toward a new direction. It’s the opportunity to get everyone to work more as a team. It’s the opportunity to create a common focus on what’s most important. But before that opportunity can be realized, the adversity must first be recognized.

Don’t Focus Too Much on the Individual Trees

Organizations, their customer service functions, and their service personnel are often seeing the symptoms of problems … Read More »

S.T.A.R. Resources Named Corporate Outreach Partner for CRR Global

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CONTACT: Mary Elizabeth Murphy, S.T.A.R. Resources 704-535-5610

S.T.A.R. Resources Named Corporate Outreach Partner for CRR Global 

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Oct. 14, 2013 – S.T.A.R. Resources ( announced today that it has been contracted by CRR Global to be their Corporate Outreach Partner.

Mary Elizabeth Murphy, CPCC, ORSCC, chief executive officer of S.T.A.R Resources will play a lead role in the partnership by serving as a liaison between CRR Global and its clients who are interested in Relationship Systems Coaching.

“We created this dedicated role because we believe it is important for clients who are in their early journey of discovery about how Relationship Systems Coaching can impact their challenges, to be in a conversation with a seasoned professional and experienced practitioner of this work,” said Marita Fridjhon, co-founder of CRR Global. “Mary Elizabeth [Murphy] is such a professional and will be … Read More »

Murphy of S.T.A.R. Resources Teams Up with Charlotte AHEC on Fall Leadership Workshops

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CONTACT: Mary Elizabeth Murphy, S.T.A.R. Resources 704-535-5610

Murphy of S.T.A.R. Resources Teams Up with Charlotte AHEC on Fall Leadership Workshops 

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Sept. 3, 2013 – Mary Elizabeth Murphy, CPMA, CPBA, CPCC, ORSCC, chief executive officer of S.T.A.R. Resources ( will be presenting four leadership workshops at the Charlotte Area Health Education Center (AHEC) this fall.

“The Leaders Attitude: Creating Environments Where People Want to Work” is a two-part workshop to increase leadership effectiveness and efficiency, and address new ways to approach difficult people issues. Part 1 is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 18 and Part 2 will be Tuesday, Oct. 1. Both seminars run 9:00AM-4:00PM at AHEC – 5039 Airport Center Pkwy, Bldg K, in Charlotte.

“Innovation, Opportunity and Creative Change” takes place Thursday, Oct. 17 from 9:00AM-4:00PM at AHEC. It will teach attendees how to recognize, nurture and encourage … Read More »

Wash, Rinse, Repeat – Driving Continuous Improvement

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When organizations talk about Strategic Planning, they usually talk about some kind of a long-range plan that will be implemented over 3 to 5 years. While it’s important to know where you’re going long-term and have plans to accomplish the goals, it’s equally important to make sure that you create an organization that is focused on continuous improvement.  In order to develop an organization that is focused on accepting, wanting, and planning for change, create an efficient 90-day planning process.

Set the Target; Approach it Quickly

If you have a customer retention goal, create a plan to design and implement activities over a 90-day period to increase renewal rates.  If you’re trying to improve customer service, identify some of the key tactics you can implement impacting processes or education or people that will drive up customer satisfaction over the next 90 days.  … Read More »

“Team Building”

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Team Building. These words immediately conjure up cynical images of icebreaker and bonding exercises, interpersonal and sometimes intimate (and risky) disclosure, highly paid management consultants, group hugs and heartfelt commitments to be a cohesive team. Sure it’s beneficial and if done well, can lead to euphoria. Problem is that “feeling” is short lived.

Truth is, when it comes to people working well together, it is a miracle that it happens as well as it does. The simple act of putting people together without proper tools can lead to disharmony. The cause of the conflict could be a difference in methodology, objectives, lack of clear direction or even personality. Most of the time, we manage these disagreements by crossing our fingers and hoping that despite the clash, the team will be productive, solve problems, get along and be nice to each other.  … Read More »