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Systems Check Take A Personal Inventory

Posted on December 12th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2016, Blog, Reset Your Buttons Blog. No Comments

Take inventory of yourself as you go through your day.   
                                                                                         –  Mary Elizabeth Murphy, RESET Your Buttons


Are you ready to improve your response time while reducing your reactions, or worse yet, your over-reactions? Take time today and do a systems check. It is your personal inventory. A few moments to notice what you are Feeling, Thinking, Sensing. If you need a reminder set a timer on your phone or computer to alert you every 20 to 45 minutes. Perhaps a simple sticky note on your computer screen or bathroom mirror will do the trick.

Physical awareness (how are you feeling?) Short or shallow breathing, tightening of muscles, faster heartbeat OR easy breathing with long smooth breath from your abdomen instead of your chest, relaxed muscles, normal heartbeat.

Be aware of your thoughts. (what are … Read More »

Building Trust to Create Change

Posted on October 1st, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2016, Reset Your Buttons Blog, Trust. 2 comments

Whether it’s in the workplace or in our personal lives, trust is key for strong relationships. To brew good chemistry comes down to getting to know one another. It is never as simple as merely spending time around a person; after all, hundreds of couples get divorced every year, saying after it’s all over, “I was married to Jane for twenty-five years and never knew she loved Frankie Valli!” We can’t simply absorb these pieces of knowledge through osmosis.

Our co-workers, friends, family and significant others must allow us to learn about them. In order to do that, they must trust us. Being effective in your relationships means knowing how to build trust. The stronger that bond of trust is, the more straightforward and open your channels of communication will be. It’s about understanding one another and how pushing buttons can … Read More »

How Does It Feel?

Posted on December 21st, by Laurie Taylor in 2014, Blog, Team Building. No Comments

How does what feel, Laurie? Glad you asked!

A definition of FEEL is: to be conscious of an inward impression, state of mind, or physical condition.

How does your company feel when you walk in the door? How do your employees feel about coming to work every day? How do your customers feel about you? How do your vendors feel about working with you? How do you feel about your employees? How do your employees feel about you?

A definition of FEELING is: an emotional state or reaction.

Too often in our business minds, we lose the emotional sense of what having a business is all about. A business isn’t a machine and employees aren’t cogs in a wheel. Our businesses are all about people and people are feeling human beings. We feel deeply … Read More »

Gratitude, Grinch, Greed or Guilt

Posted on November 23rd, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2014, Attitude Adjustment, Blog, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. 2 comments

I find myself struggling with the Thanksgiving holiday “sale-a-thons”. I understand that retail relies on Black Friday. I know that the origin of the term Black Friday was to draw attention to the fact that it is often the first day of the calendar year when retailers’ books go from red to black.

I appreciate the excitement of families planning together their official holiday shopping spree. Not an event in which I personally participate, mostly because I’m uncomfortable in large crowds. However, I can acknowledge and celebrate the fun that others seem to experience.

Here is my quandary. Have we forgotten about the point of the day – which is gratitude? Am I just being a Grinch? Or are we as a society allowing ourselves to “buy” in to the media hype and be manipulated by our own greed or guilt?

Isn’t Thanksgiving … Read More »

Leaders Need A New Paradigm

Posted on November 4th, by Marita Fridjhon Anne Rod Faith Fuller in 2014, Blog, RSI. No Comments

Leaders need a new paradigm that can offer the speed and scale required to adapt and
thrive in the face of constant change.

Adding to the external dynamics impinging on organizations, a transformation is taking place from the
inside as the next generation of workers, the Millennials, are making their mark and comprising a
majority of the workforce. Digital natives accustomed to nearly constant connectivity and feedback,
they are forcing previous generations to rethink how they will lead teams and organizations.

Mass collaboration, seeking diversity and having an innovation-focus are no longer merely competitive
advantages. They have become a matter of survival for organizations. In this environment, 21st
Century International Skills1 become key factors, preparing and enabling the upcoming generations for
success and organizations for transformation. The through-lines of these skills are: systems thinking,
working creatively together, collaboration across diversity and acting with the larger community in
mind2 . Subsequent generations … Read More »

Why Employees Stay

Posted on May 13th, by Marita Fridjhon in 2014, Blog, Team Building. 2 comments

Yesterday in our executive team meeting I was reminded of the well-known statement that “employees don’t quit jobs, they quit managers and office environments.” The research by brain scientists such as Daniel Pink and positivity in the workplace research by Losada, Heaphy and others, bear this out.

When we sat down for our meeting there was not only a high frustration level in the room but also fatigue… The server went down, the IT support group was slow on the uptake, pressing deadlines for proposals, marketing and other initiatives were stretched to the max by information not accessible on the recalcitrant server hard disk, to name only a few issues.

Instead of jumping into the agenda, I requested that we take two minutes for each to just blow off steam. Permission was granted by all to not even try to be skillful, … Read More »

We Shouldn’t be Strangers

Posted on May 8th, by Edward Gagnon in 2014, Blog. No Comments

You’ve seen me walking down the hallway at work; you know I’m in the purchasing department, and you think my name is Bob. I actually work in Finance, and my name is Pete.

I’ve seen you in a couple meetings – the tall redhead who’s always carrying a large (or is it grande?) cup of coffee…or is it tea…or diet soda? I think you work in marketing…or sales…or client relations.

We have no relationship. We’re strangers.

Yet, we work in the same building for the same company. Our clients and vendors are the same. In theory, we have the same corporate goals.

So when I need your help in understanding the terms for a particular contract with a vendor, I e-mail some generic address and make some factual and bland statement.  You don’t recognize my name, you have other fires to fight, and you … Read More »

Four Secrets to Reducing Bad Behavior in Your Company

Posted on May 8th, by Laurie Taylor in 2014, Blog, Team Building. No Comments

As a leader and a manager of people, you have a tremendous opportunity and a tremendous responsibility. The opportunity is you get the chance to actually influence the behavior of people in a way that helps them grow at the same time help a company or division grow. The responsibility requires you to not take this job lightly and to look for and relish the chance to have an empowering conversation with an employee.

Great you say. When things are going well, it’s easy to have that dialogue. It’s when the news isn’t so good that the typical manager would rather eat nails then sit down and have the hard conversation with an employee.

The Secrets to Reducing Bad Behavior that Leads to Conflict

So how do you make it easier? What are the secrets to having those difficult dialogues and have them … Read More »

Volunteering Builds Leadership Skills and Corporate Culture

Posted on April 15th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Blog. No Comments

One of the greatest ways to practice and develop leadership skills is by volunteering. Many organizations need volunteer leaders on their board of directors and committees, not to mention foot soldiers.

In addition to learning and fine-tuning leadership skills, another huge advantage of volunteerism is having the freedom to pick and choose organizations based on personal interests and passions. It can be beneficial to get outside of your work “bubble” and into something new and exciting that can also build beneficial relationships.

Volunteering is a wonderful resume builder. Let’s say you have two job candidates who are neck-and-neck for the position, but only one sits on the board of a non-profit. Could that be the deciding factor between the two applicants? For many CEOs the answer is yes.

Unfortunately, volunteering is on the decline. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the volunteer … Read More »

Change: Threat or Opportunity?

Posted on April 8th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2014, Blog, Reset Your Buttons Blog. No Comments

Basic animal nature mandates that we see any change in our lifestyle or environment as a problem.  If we then view that problem as a threat, our fight or flight instincts will engage. Change is inevitable. It is occurring around us all the time. Rather than seeing each problem as a threat, see it as an opportunity. The way we make that transition has to do with our perception. Keith Ayers, founder of the Integro Leadership Institute has a simple yet impactful model depicting two different Change Cycles: the Maintenance Cycle and the Growth Cycle. For example, when change occurs, the first place to look is at your reaction to it. If you are behaving defensively then that is a signal that you perceive the change as a threat. At this point you are in the Maintenance Cycle. The goal … Read More »