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How to RESET for a Successful Transition

Posted on May 7th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Blog, Reset Your Buttons Blog. No Comments

Transitions in life are inevitable. Have you ever felt resistance through a transition? What happens if you do nothing in response to it? The reality is transitions will happen at their own pace. It has been said that change is the only constant, which is so true. While change can often be unpredictable or beyond our control, it’s how we deal with a transition that is key. Give yourself permission to be in transition and allow yourself the time that it takes, be courageous and committed to seeing the process through. Learn how to RESET your mind and attitude and embrace the transition proactively. Jim Eisenheimer wrote a “T&D” magazine article entitled “The Art of Transition.” He makes a comparison with transitions and triathlons and states, “It’s your skill at the hidden art of the transition that can make … Read More »

Rebuilding Shattered Weekend Expectations

Posted on April 29th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2012, Blog, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. No Comments

As you gear up for the weekend do you have expectations of how it will look? Perhaps it’s attending a sporting event, having a picnic in the park, hosting out-of-town guests or doing a home improvement project? Whatever you have planned, it is your weekend and you “expect” it to go the way you planned. So, there is nothing worse than losing your weekend to one of life’s curveballs such as a sudden illness, a rained-out picnic, or a child coming home with a case of head lice (yuck).

Essentially your “system” has been impacted. Take tackling head lice for example. Your weekend and your home have now been turned upside down. What was once a weekend of fun family activities, a few chores and some downtime now consists of cancelling your plans, spending money on lice treatment, treating your entire … Read More »

Predicting the Risk of Customer Loss

Posted on April 25th, by Edward Gagnon in Blog, Strategic Services. No Comments

Are you a retail business with hundreds of transactions a week? Maybe you’re a university wanting to increase student retention, or you’re a credit union needing to retain account holders. Possibly you’re a pro sports team wanting to keep season ticket holders. No matter who you are, you have a common goal. You want to keep your customers. We won’t go into the “why” of that in this article. Instead, let’s focus on the “how.”
Track the Transitions
For any companies that have a database of their customers with even the slightest bit of information on those clients, you already have a great tool available. Download at least the last 4 years of data on your customers, so you can note three “transitions” of one year to the next. Look at these transitions to determine which of the customers you had in … Read More »

Your Attitude Adjustment Tool Kit

Posted on April 2nd, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2009, Blog, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. 2 comments

So here I am in the airport and there are car seats and extra luggage and children w/back packs and games and dolls and – you get the picture. Getting myself through security these days is enough to whack out my attitude. I can’t imagine what you do when you are attempting to move 2 or 4 little ones through – that‘s a question for the Weekend Attitude Adjustment Community – what do you do? How do you keep your attitude positive when moving children through the security gates at the airport?

Make the Most of Your Weekend

Posted on March 14th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2012, Time Management, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. 2 comments

Between Daylight Savings last Sunday and the first day of spring just around the corner,what better moment to talk about time.

Do you sometimes feel you are losing control over your time – like somehow it got off course like a run-away train or instead time controls you instead of you controlling your time?

Imagine if you could have 60 minutes of unscheduled time every day. That would be seven hours in a week and 28 additional hours in a month. Expand it for the year and that would be 14 extra free days. That’s a second vacation or stay-cation!!! It may sound ridiculous, but it can be achieved.

So, how do you maximize your time? Apply these seven tips to your weekend time management:

Analyze Your Weekend – Think about Sunday night – you are sitting on the sofa or the porch sipping … Read More »

Leverage Leadership Opportunities

Posted on March 1st, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2012, Ask Your Team and Leadership Coach, Blog. No Comments

“If [women] understood and exercised their power they could remake the world.” ~Emily Taft Douglas

 In honor of Women’s History Month, it seems only fitting to talk about women in leadership.

There have been times in my life when, much to my surprise, I have been chosen for a leadership role. I’m strolling along, locating my path and I turn around only to find people are following me. It’s at that moment that I am sure they didn’t see the bumper sticker stuck to my butt that reads, “Don’t follow me. I’m lost too!”

Then there have been times when I have been asked to take on a leadership role and, after a certain amount of arm twisting and cajoling, I agree only to fail somewhat or miserably. I did it for their reasons, not mine.

And then there was this time … Read More »

Three Tips for Employee Engagement

Posted on October 20th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Blog. 2 comments

“People support what they help to create.”  I read this recently in a great book written by Lee J. Colan, Ph.D. titled Leadership Matters. This was the case this week as two of my clients openly embraced the concept of employee engagement. During different exercises, the staff at both organizations took the initiative to create service standards with just a little initial direction.

It’s amazing the buy-in you can obtain when you’re business is sincerely open to involvement at every level.

Here are three tips to enhance the employee engagement within your business:


Sometimes all you need to do is ask but, as eluded to above, your request needs to be sincere. Go beyond just asking for opinions. Encourage involvement. Ask employees to create standards, their own goals, marketing ideas for the business, etc. You always have veto power and the ability to make alterations. … Read More »

Resetting Expectations to Prepare for Life’s Curveballs

Posted on May 31st, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Blog, Reset Your Buttons Blog. No Comments

We use the RESET model to navigate life on a daily basis. But every once in a while life will lob a curveball at us, negative and positive stimuli alike which seem to spring from nowhere at all but which heavily impact our relationships as well as  day’s, week’s, or life’s path from that point on.  No one expects a curveball. Unlike major league pitchers, life doesn’t tip off what kind of pitch it’s going to throw. Reacting to and coping with life’s curveballs is a tricky prospect, because most times such events will push all of our buttons, not just one or two. After all, what’s really happening is that some unforeseen, unexpected occurrence has shifted your worldview, even if just for a few hours. If there is one button to focus on during this time, it is your … Read More »

Weekends With a Purpose

Posted on April 19th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2012, Blog, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. No Comments

As you’re gearing up for the weekend, are there some dreaded chores you are avoiding? Now’s the time to reprogram your thoughts and determine your purpose for the tasks at hand.

Let’s take laundry for example. Instead of doing the laundry on Saturday because you have to, or it’s your job or no one else will, determine your purpose. Ask yourself the following questions:

Is my goal to have clean clothes and to make sure my kids have fresh outfits for their sports games?
Will the reasons bring me pleasure and a feeling of contribution?
Why am I doing this?

And while you are doing this particular task, be mindful of what it is that you are doing. Focus on the process of loading the washing machine, pouring in the detergent and folding clothes as soon as they are hot out of the dryer – … Read More »

Can Social Media Create Balance through RE-connection?

Posted on July 8th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2011, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. 2 comments

This is one of the ways I see benefit in social media. It creates the opportunity for our paths to run together again – even if only in cyberspace. We return and are reconnected. Even if only for a little while.