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Our Greatest Fear

Posted on June 9th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Reset Your Buttons Blog. 2 comments

Each of us has our own unique personality, which includes our own way of behaving. When you’re looking to RESET Your Buttons®, it’s crucial that you understand yourself and your behavioral tendencies. For example, most of us are unable to predict how we will behave when frightened. When your behavior and reactions become unpredictable, so may the behavior and reactions of those around you. That can create a volatile mixture.A fear-driven situation is one in which a person is driven so far out of his or her comfort zone that their assumptions about that situation are challenged.

In RESET Your Buttons®, we call this pushing the Expectations button. When you wake up in the morning, you expect the sky to be up, the ground to be down, red to be red and blue to be blue. Any other scenario could make … Read More »

How do you create a successful work culture?

Posted on June 2nd, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2011, Ask Your Team and Leadership Coach. 1 Comment

The first step in creating a culture of success with a new team or partnership is to establish an atmosphere conducive to partnership. This is a multi-step process that I teach over the course of several modules with new business alliances. This month, I’ll share some tips on how to instill an atmosphere of cooperation in a partnership right at its outset.

Before a partnership can truly be finalized, it is important for the partners involved to ask themselves a series of questions. First, ask yourselves how you want to be together. That is, what roles does each member feel that they would be best in? What roles do your partners think you should play? When you interact with each other, how would you like those interactions to go? Most people, of course, want smooth and respectful partnership overall, but fail … Read More »

Law Enforcement Leadership

Posted on January 18th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Blog. No Comments

Chief Geoff Korous & Team at the Improving Leadership Skills Workshop

“Leadership is a gift that is bestowed upon us by our followers.”
Chief Geoff Korous, Woodridge Police Department 1994-2003


We need leaders because they understand that it’s people who make things happen and that they need the support of people to achieve the organization’s goals. LEADERS take responsibility for developing their people so that they can deliver what is needed to achieve these goals. It is the people of your department who deliver on critical issues. It is your people who need to be innovative and responsive to change. It is your people who determine community loyalty and support.


Lessons on Leadership

Click here to read “Communication” by Chief Ed Konstanty, Willowbrook, Il Police Department


Chicago Police Department Memorial Fund

Click here to learn more about the Chicago Police Department Memorial Fund


Improving Leadership Skills for Command … Read More »

Are you and your team working at peak effectiveness?

Posted on January 12th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Blog. No Comments

Are you and your team working at peak effectiveness?  Do you need training, coaching, or a simple shot of adrenaline?

S.T.A.R. Resources and managing director Mary Elizabeth Murphy, CPCC have helped hundreds of teams across the nation improve performance and adapt to changes in today’s fast-paced, re-engineered workplace.

S.T.A.R. Resources does not offer “canned” seminars or one-size-fits-all retreats.  Every team has its own strengths and challenges, and we’ve developed our customized approach through many years of experience.  Our simple and highly effective approach is tailored to meet your goals, because we:

– Partner with leadership to understand your team’s issues
– Propose a process/culture change plan that addresses those issues
– Engage with your team to execute the change plan; support with coaching
– Adjust the change plan as appropriate to achieve maximum team benefit

Every partnership begins with a conversation.  Call Mary Elizabeth Murphy, CPCC, ORSCC, today at to discuss your goals, your … Read More »

About Weekend Attitude Adjustment

Posted on February 5th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Weekend Attitude Adjustment. No Comments

It’s a time of returning to the basics while attempting to create a thoughtful plan for our future.

To all our friends we are returning to our basics while supporting you to create a thoughtful plan for your future. Hence the return of the S.T.A.R. Resources Weekend Attitude Adjustment.

My dad once said when attempting to quit smoking, “buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy ride”.  How has your ride on planet earth been lately?  For many of us “bumpy” only begins to describe our experience. Our “Attitudes” are  getting more than their fare share of bumps and are in many cases in dire need of “Adjustment”. We are adjusting our attitudes about our staff size, our cash flow, our retirement, our strategic plans, our children’s college funds, our dreams of tomorrow and the realities of today.

The return of  the S.T.A.R. Resources Weekend Attitude Adjustment is … Read More »

A Block of Ice Falling From The Sky

Posted on November 19th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2009, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. 2 comments

For the next few moments I remembered and reminded my husband about the blocks of ice we have experienced in our life.

Time for Fun!

Posted on June 4th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2009, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. 8 comments

Life seems to have been so serious lately and rightfully so. There are many serious issues requiring attention. And yet, perhaps because summer has begun, I find myself yearning for fun, laughter and plain ole’ silliness.

Solving Problems with Practical Solutions

Posted on May 22nd, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2009, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. No Comments

I found myself thinking this past week about how often we tend to focus on our problems, not necessarily the solutions. It seems that we spend more energy talking about our problems than actually doing anything to rid ourselves of them. I mean really, sometimes it as though our problems become a part of our identity. Who would I be if not for my problems?

399 Miles to Empty

Posted on May 15th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2009, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. 2 comments

Last week, while I was on a business trip to Chicago I rented a car from my friends at Avis. I, put my luggage in the trunk, adjusted the mirrors and before I shifted into drive I looked at the dashboard. I saw in bright neon green numbers and letters the following message – “399 miles to Empty”.

Avoid Criticism

Posted on April 30th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2009, Weekend Attitude Adjustment. 2 comments

For example, calling someone a “cook” can be considered an evaluation according to Rosenburg. The following stanza from a poem by Ruth Bebermeyer explains it this way,
“I’ve looked as hard as I can look
but never ever seen a cook;
I saw a person who combined
ingredients on which we dined,
A person who turned on the heat
and watched the stove that cooked the meat –
I saw those things but not a cook. Tell me, when you’re looking,
Is it a cook you see or is it someone doing things that we call cooking?”