Strategic Teams Achieving Results


S.T.A.R. Resources provides various levels of coaching services to help meet your needs and accomplish your goals.

  • Goal Coaching: With “Your Choice Goal Coaching” you choose a goal and S.T.A.R. Resources coaches you throughout the year to achieve that goal. Do you have a short term goal? We will work to establish a realistic and achievable time line. Do you have an organizational initiative or revenue goal? We will coach each individual employee as they do their part toward the achieving it.
  • Leadership/Executive Coaching: This program is designed for CEOs and Directors who are seeking individual coaching.
  • Team Coaching: Using the RSI@Work and  ORSC models created by CRR Global, we take a systems approach to coaching. This focus is on the entire team vs. the individual members.
  • Specialized Coaching: In some cases, specialized coaching is needed to address an idea or specific issue.

Are you seeking a coach? Not really sure what coaching is and would like to learn more? Is the idea of team coaching intriguing? Contact us today and let’s start the conversation.

In addition to our own certifications and authorized licensed products S.T.A.R. Resources works in partnership with CRR Global an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program  to provide the highest level of qualified coaches and coach training for our clients.