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Reset Your Buttons

Want Better Relationships at Work and at Home?

When you learn how to RESET Your Buttons™, you’re really putting to use a skill set that is absolutely necessary for anyone working with other people in a professional environment. Learning how to recognize the way you react to your work culture and learning how to cope with negative stimuli is an absolute must for those of us who want to succeed in business and in life.

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Read what the Midwest Book Review had to say about RESET Your Buttons™!

“How you react is more important than a lot of things when dealing with people. “Reset Your Buttons” is a self-help guide from Mary Elizabeth Murphy as she urges people to reevaluate how they react to negative things in their life, or get their buttons pushed. With plenty of wise wisdom on how to condition oneself better, “RESET Your Buttons” is a solid guide full of wisdom.”