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RESET Your Thoughts “On Purpose”

Posted on May 18th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Blog, Reset Your Buttons Blog. 3 comments

Thinking of the phrase “on purpose” may conjure up negative thoughts. As a child, and even as an adult, you may have heard yourself saying “you did that on purpose.” While you may have been programmed to think this phrase was bad, it’s time to “RESET” your thoughts on this phrase and learn it is key to your success.  When you RESET your thoughts “on purpose” it is because you want to know that what you are doing has purpose and that it is “on purpose.” Your efforts should have meaning, count for something and matter. Ask yourself these questions to transform your negative message, feelings and attitude about “on purpose” and to achieve the following goals: 

Getting Through the Day: What deliberate action(s) can I take to move through my day “on purpose,” instead of because I have to, … Read More »