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Systems Check Take A Personal Inventory

Posted on December 12th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in 2016, Blog, Reset Your Buttons Blog. No Comments

Take inventory of yourself as you go through your day.   
                                                                                         –  Mary Elizabeth Murphy, RESET Your Buttons


Are you ready to improve your response time while reducing your reactions, or worse yet, your over-reactions? Take time today and do a systems check. It is your personal inventory. A few moments to notice what you are Feeling, Thinking, Sensing. If you need a reminder set a timer on your phone or computer to alert you every 20 to 45 minutes. Perhaps a simple sticky note on your computer screen or bathroom mirror will do the trick.

Physical awareness (how are you feeling?) Short or shallow breathing, tightening of muscles, faster heartbeat OR easy breathing with long smooth breath from your abdomen instead of your chest, relaxed muscles, normal heartbeat.

Be aware of your thoughts. (what are … Read More »

How to RESET for a Successful Transition

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Transitions in life are inevitable. Have you ever felt resistance through a transition? What happens if you do nothing in response to it? The reality is transitions will happen at their own pace. It has been said that change is the only constant, which is so true. While change can often be unpredictable or beyond our control, it’s how we deal with a transition that is key. Give yourself permission to be in transition and allow yourself the time that it takes, be courageous and committed to seeing the process through. Learn how to RESET your mind and attitude and embrace the transition proactively. Jim Eisenheimer wrote a “T&D” magazine article entitled “The Art of Transition.” He makes a comparison with transitions and triathlons and states, “It’s your skill at the hidden art of the transition that can make … Read More »

Our Greatest Fear

Posted on June 9th, by Mary Elizabeth Murphy in Reset Your Buttons Blog. 2 comments

Each of us has our own unique personality, which includes our own way of behaving. When you’re looking to RESET Your Buttons®, it’s crucial that you understand yourself and your behavioral tendencies. For example, most of us are unable to predict how we will behave when frightened. When your behavior and reactions become unpredictable, so may the behavior and reactions of those around you. That can create a volatile mixture.A fear-driven situation is one in which a person is driven so far out of his or her comfort zone that their assumptions about that situation are challenged.

In RESET Your Buttons®, we call this pushing the Expectations button. When you wake up in the morning, you expect the sky to be up, the ground to be down, red to be red and blue to be blue. Any other scenario could make … Read More »