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Mary Elizabeth Murphy of S.T.A.R. Resources Completes CRR Global Course

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Mary Elizabeth Murphy of S.T.A.R. Resources Completes CRR Global Course 

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – March 18, 2013 – Mary Elizabeth Murphy, CPMA, CPBA, CPCC, ORSCC, chief executive officer of S.T.A.R. Resources ( recently completed a CRR Global, Inc. course called, Alchemy: The Art and Magic of Creating from Relationships.

“I am thrilled about completing this course, which enables me to support and create strong partnerships and values for our clients and teams,” said Murphy. “Our team is very dedicated to enhancing our skills to further help our clients grow and achieve strategic results.”

About CRR Global

CRR Global is an ICF Certified Training School and has a core competency in developing effective instructional design in the areas of coaching, team effectiveness, facilitation, leadership development, and faculty development skills. CRR Global offers over 14 course curriculums in the … Read More »

Three Tips for Employee Engagement

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“People support what they help to create.”  I read this recently in a great book written by Lee J. Colan, Ph.D. titled Leadership Matters. This was the case this week as two of my clients openly embraced the concept of employee engagement. During different exercises, the staff at both organizations took the initiative to create service standards with just a little initial direction.

It’s amazing the buy-in you can obtain when you’re business is sincerely open to involvement at every level.

Here are three tips to enhance the employee engagement within your business:


Sometimes all you need to do is ask but, as eluded to above, your request needs to be sincere. Go beyond just asking for opinions. Encourage involvement. Ask employees to create standards, their own goals, marketing ideas for the business, etc. You always have veto power and the ability to make alterations. … Read More »