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Wellness with Attitude, Sandy Warren

Posted on August 1st, by Katie Hanna in Testimonials. No Comments

Wellness with Attitude, Sandy Warren

“RESET your buttons is a quick read, packed with insight, and that is a difficult combination. Mary Elizabeth has done it with compassion and her own humor laces the message. Here is one of my takeaways, this is a time of change, hence discomfort, this evoke uncertainty, brings old messages and invites our Saboteur out. Do you know what your Saboteur looks like? Very interesting to do some work inside your own head, sometimes maybe what looked like my “friend” is not so friendly and is NOT playing nice. Only I can address that and the sooner I do, the higher I fly.

Mary Elizabeth is on track with her presentations, her interactive connection as she teaches and her writing style. I my opinion if one is in her presence, no matter the venue, they will have a take away that will serve them. I have for many years taken every opportunity to be involved in her work, because I learn and those I share her talents with learn and grow.”

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